Etrog Citron Tree

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The Etrog citron tree is a small, shrubby tree that produces large, yellow fruit which resembles an oblong lemon. The fruit of the Etrog tree is grown primarily for Jewish ritual use in the Sukkot harvest festival. It also has culinary use as the rind is often used to make preserves, flavor savory dishes or garnish alcoholic beverages.

Parentage: Citron
Harvest season: Nov-Jan (Culinary), Aug-Oct (Sukkot)
Growing zones: 9-11
Pollinator needed: No
Seeds per fruit: Many
Mature height - Full Size: 3-6 ft. 
Mature height - Dwarf: 3-6 ft. 
Size when shipped: 26-30”
Each of our trees is hand-grafted and raised with care at our nursery in Central Florida. We guarantee that you will receive a high quality, healthy citrus tree free of pest or disease - or your money back.