Kaffir Lime Tree

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Available in all states except: AK, AZ, CA, LA, HI or TX.

3 Gallon & Dwarf options only available in FL.

Originating in Southeast Asia, the Kaffir lime tree is known more for its leaves than its fruit. The pungent leaves are a culinary staple in many soups, curries and stir-fries from cuisines such as Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and more.
Its fruit is small with a bumpy rind that is used in Thai curry paste to add an aromatic flavor. The juice is even used in cleaning products throughout Southeast Asia. The shrub-like tree produces fruit throughout the year.
Parentage: Lime
Harvest season: Ever-bearing
Seeds per fruit: 5-15
Mature height - Full Size: 10-30 ft.
Mature height - Dwarf: 8-10 ft.
Size when shipped: 26-30”
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