Can I pick up trees at your nursery?

Yes, we allow pick up at our facility in Lake Wales. Please call ahead to arrange a pick-up time and someone will be there to meet you. Although pick-up is allowed, we do not allow visitors in our greenhouses due to agricultural regulations. 

Where are you located?

We are located off of Highway 27 approximately 3 miles south of Lake Wales, FL. Our address is:

16110 HWY 27

Lake Wales, FL 33859

Can I plant my tree as soon as I receive it?

Yes, your tree can be transplanted directly into the ground or larger container the same day you receive it. Please see our Citrus Planting & Care Guide for more information on planting your tree.

Can I plant my tree in a container?

Yes, you can plant your tree in a container no matter where you live. In many northern states, all trees must be planted in a container so that they can be moved indoors during the winter months. Please see our Citrus Planting & Care Guide for guidelines on planting your tree in a container.

How long can my tree stay in the pot it was delivered in?

While planting your tree into the ground or a larger pot will maximize it's growth potential, you can keep your tree in the pot it arrived in for a few months.

Do I need more than one tree for pollination?

For the vast majority of varieties a pollinator is not required, but there are a few varieties (such as Honeybell & Clementine) that do require a pollinator. Please see the description for each variety on our product pages for more info.