Clementine Tangerine Tree

Clementine tangerines are a favorite for young and old alike! This sweet citrus fruit is a hybrid between a Willowleaf Mandarian Orange and a Sweet Orange. There are so many things to love about this variety. It is very sweet, seedless and typically produces 7-14 sections. The rind is smooth, shiny and easy to peel. Clementines are cold hardy down to about 20 degrees.
Because they are a hybrid, they do require another Tangerine variety for cross-pollination such as a Page, Orlando Tangelo, Nova, Lee, Robinson or Osceola.
Parentage: Sweet Orange x Mandarin
Harvest season: Oct-Jan
Growing zones8-11
Pollinator needed: Yes (Tangerine) 
Seeds per fruit: 0
Mature height: 10-15 ft.
Size when shipped: 26-30”
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