Glencoe Raspberry Plant


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Glencoe raspberries are a delectable raspberry cultivar prized for their exceptional flavor, large size, and attractive appearance. These berries are characterized by their deep red color, often with a hint of purple, and a glossy sheen.

They boast a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, with a rich, complex taste that is intensely fruity and aromatic. In addition to their exceptional taste, Glencoe raspberries are known for their impressive size. Their size and juiciness make them a favorite for fresh eating, but they also hold up well when used in baking, jams, sauces, and other culinary applications.

Glencoe raspberry plants are vigorous growers, producing abundant yields of fruit during the summer months. They are relatively easy to grow, requiring well-drained soil, ample sunlight, and regular pruning to maintain productivity and plant health. With proper care, Glencoe raspberry plants can provide a bountiful harvest of delicious berries year after year.

Mature size: 4-6' tall, 2-3' wide
Harvest season: Summer

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