Triple Crown Blackberry Plant


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The Triple Crown Blackberry is a remarkable cultivar renowned for its outstanding flavor, impressive yield, and resilient growth characteristics. This thornless variety, a result of careful breeding, offers a delightful fusion of sweetness and tartness. Each berry is plump, firm, and bursting with juicy goodness, making it a delectable addition to desserts, jams, or enjoyed fresh off the vine.

One of the most appealing features of the Triple Crown Blackberry is its prolific production. Under optimal conditions, this cultivar yields abundant clusters of fruit, ensuring a bountiful harvest throughout the growing season.

Moreover, the Triple Crown Blackberry demonstrates excellent disease resistance, providing peace of mind to growers who often contend with various pests and pathogens. Its vigorous growth habit, coupled with its ability to thrive in diverse climates, contributes to its reputation as a reliable and low-maintenance plant.

Mature size: 4-6' tall, 2-3' wide
Harvest season: Summer

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